GASP! Goodbye Bacon!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions since my last blog post.  Our family has made some drastic changes in our daily & weekly routine; and all for the better in my opinion.  I think what shocked people the most was reading that we have made the choice to give up eating pork and most seafood.  Many wanted to know why, and I promised a blog post on the subject. To be honest, I was a little nervous writing this blog as it is deeply personal; but I knew it was the right thing to do.  Before we start let me be clear that I in no way am trying to force my beliefs on anyone. Those that have followed me for a long time know that I am very open about my beliefs.  I am however, going to be somewhat vague in my explanations, but I will be more than willing to chat with anyone in detail in a 1:1 setting.  After reading this you might have a lot of questions or want to know some starting points to research for yourself.  I know I had a million questions and having someone to talk to really helped me.  Last point before we start: We have many people that follow us from all backgrounds and beliefs.  I hope everyone knows our community is a safe place for you to be yourself ,and that will never change.  

Ok.... deep breath…. here we go….. 

One night as I was up late doing my covid research I came across something Biblical.  I will leave out what that was because its not really crucial to share, but it sure did spark a memory.  Back in my LuLaRoe days I knew a family that lived their life very different than how we lived ours.  We spent a weekend with them during one of my traveling LuLaRoe takeovers, and I was so perplexed while in their home.   To be honest, in walking around their house I could not pinpoint what their faith was.  They mentioned Jesus in conversation, but then mentioned they didn’t celebrate Christmas.  I remember asking one of them a little bit about what they believe, but the response confused me so much that I just cast it aside in my mind.  Fast forward to March 2020-  something I stumbled upon in my research triggered this memory.  I immediately reached out to my friend and said, “do you remember when we were at your house and I was asking you all those questions.” Of course she said she remembered ,and I then asked her to tell me more.  That is how this all started.  

Let me just say right now, since I know this is your question- no we did not covert to another faith.  What we have done is make the choice to dig really deep in our faith and made some tweaks.  The best way to describe it is we are relaying on reading the word, prayer and discernment to guide us in our faith.  I realized I constantly used someone else as my crutch, whether it be a pastor, Bible study leader or someone that I thought had a better relationship with God than I did.  The Bible says to test all things against scripture (1 Thessalonians 5:21), not ask some other human their personal opinion. The answers are there if we simply look but my goodness is it hard to break the habit of looking to others first.  At this point I have read countless pages of scripture, blogs, books and insta highlights; watched endless videos on YouTube and have done a lot of praying for discernment.  When I say I have looked outside scripture I mean I listen to what they are saying and then personally turn to scripture myself.  Someone who talks about the subjects I am going to mention below will likely challenge you to do your own research and pray about it yourself.  But did we convert? No- we did not.  No matter what denomination you are, if you are a Christian, you likely agree that believing in Jesus as your Savior/ Messiah is the main definition of our faith.  So from that respect nothing has changed.  However, a lot has changed in how we honor God and practice our faith.  The main three changes we have made are calling God and Jesus by their Hebrew names, observing the true Sabbath and cutting out pork and most seafood from our diet.  Now let’s chat about why.


What’s in a name?

          God= Yawhey or YHWH                                            Jesus= Yahshua 

I could go on and on about this, toss out scriptures and facts.  However, when it comes down to it my name is Ali and I would preferred to be called Ali.  I don’t want someone calling me Stephanie because its not my name.  If you do a little digging in history you can actually see how and when the change happened, but for the purposes of this blog that isn’t really relevant.  For us, the most important part was we now know the proper names, and we have made the change within our family to call them those names.  One little fact I will leave you with is the letter J didn’t exist back then, especially not in Hebrew.  #TheMoreYouKnow 


Day of Rest 

Some of you may have noticed that we have started taking an actual day of rest.  We do our very best to stick to it, and that was not an easy adjustment.  Yes, we need a day of rest for our sanity, but that isn’t why we made the leap to instill this new practice in our weekly routine.  Honestly, I always knew that the true Sabbath was on Saturday, but I didn’t see any big deal in it being changed to Sunday.  According to scripture its actually a very big deal.  Once again, just like the previous point, you can do some digging in history to get to the bottom of why and when it was changed.  Even when we did worship on Sunday we still didn’t take a day of rest.  When we did go to church it was still off to work after church.  We went from taking one hour (at best) for God to devoting a full 24 hours to Him. Of course I personally make time for God every single day, and the kids do a mini Bible study to start their homeschooling morning; but that is not the same as a day of rest.  I cannot begin to describe the positive change it has had on our family dynamic.  The kids know we work a lot, but they also know that Mommy and Daddy stop work Friday night and don’t start again until Saturday night (and sometimes not until Sunday morning).  Whenever possible we have a special family dinner and prayer on Friday night as well. That has gotten challenging recently since Bradley has soccer on Fridays but we do out best.  Why Friday night? Did you know that a Biblical day actually is sundown to sundown? Fun facts.  There are some weeks where we are not perfect, but it is slowly getting better as we put this into practice.  

Diet Changes 

This was the big shocker.  Ali and Jimmy- the foodies- gave up pork and seafood.  We thought it was going to be so hard and it was surprisingly easy after finding some good alternatives to our beloved bacon.    This is one that a lot will disagree on and that is totally ok.  We did some praying on it and did a lot of research. The decision we made as a family was to cut out what the Bible calls “unclean foods”.  The main argument is that many believe Yahshua (Jesus) did away with the law (Torah).  This is an argument I have read in detail on both sides, and honestly both sides have some really valid points.  Whether, the death of Yahshua washed away the law I’m not sure.  But, what I do know is that many parts of the law was simply God giving instruction to his children of Israel to keep them safe and healthy.   So we need to look at why certain foods were said to be “unclean”.  Was it just because of the time period they were living in or was there more to it? Now I have done a lot of reading on the subject, and it was no coincidence that I was about to dive into this new way of eating from the book The Essential Oils Diet.  In the midst of my research on what to do on the subject I came across some answers right in my "diet" book.  This is what it says: “We hate to burst your bubble, but pork isn’t good for you.  It’s one of the most toxic meats on the market, as clearly described in a Consumer Reports write-up a few years back.  The title says it all: “Pork Chops and Ground Pork Contaminated with Bacteria.” The first line takes it further: “We found antibiotic-resistant bacteria and traces of a veterinary drug.” A 2013 study prepared for the pork industry also acknowledged the many health problems related to pork consumption. The problem with pork is that pigs are inherently filthy animals, scavengers with few inhibitions about what they eat, therefore harboring parasites, viruses, and harmful bacteria.  The same can be said of shellfish, which is often compounded by bioaccumulation of mercury and other toxins such as the PCBs we discussed in chapter 1. Not to mention the fact that consuming shellfish has been linked to heart diseases, thanks to its high cholesterol levels.  Bottom line: Steer clear of pork and shellfish. They’re just not worth the risk.”


So these are the changes and some very basic explanations on why.  One last note I will leave with you:  If you decide to dig into scripture it is very wise to have more than one version of the Bible.  Did you know several versions (sadly the most popular ones) have actually removed some of the verses.  

Again, if this sparks any thoughts or questions I would be happy to chat with you 1:1.  Just say the word and I'm all ears.   

Next up: some super healthy recipes that will shock you! Stay tuned! 

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    Your recent post about Easter/Passover and the responses to it made me revisit this post…I am curious about some of the specific sources you found helpful in your research leading to these changes? Thanks!

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