United we stand- Divided we fall

I’m just gonna say it. I am not ok right now. This does not make me a weak person- it makes me human. Social media is currently buzzing with quarantine memes, messages of hate and “conspiracy theories”. But all I see is the same thing- people are just like me- they are not ok. Everything I just listed is simply how they are coping with their current reality.

Our world has changed- like permanently. No, we are not going to be in this shutdown forever; but the impact on our world will linger for a very long time. In some ways we might see permanent change, which is just so hard to wrap my head around. For those in my generation, our grandkids will be learning about the Quarantine of 2020 in history class and asking us questions for their assignments. As you go about your day think about how you are spending your time. When your grandkids ask you these questions will you be proud of your answer or a little embarrassed? Hard question- I know- but worth asking yourself.

Instead of fighting with each other think of things this way:

  • Those who post memes are scared and they handle their fear with humor. 
  • Those that start arguments and post messages of hate are scared and handle their fear by debating.
  • Those that are sharing “conspiracy theories” have said “I’ve had enough” and started digging for truth. Whether they found truth or not is irrelevant. The point is this is how they are coping with their reality. 

I  would encourage every single person to do as much research as their schedule allows. I don't mean watch the news- I mean real research.  Some of what I have learned in recent weeks has completely altered the way I view a lot of the world.  In an odd way it has brought me peace, and when I get down to the core it has brought me closer to God.  The various things I've learned would shock many, but it was what I read today that hit me so incredibly hard. It wasn't anything remarkably earth shattering; in fact I bet you you have thought of it yourself.  I think it was because I thought of this on my own weeks go, and then that seeing an ER doctor write about this very topic rattled me.  For lack of better wording- it made it real.  

You see there are consequences to our current circumstances, and for some those consequences are a far greater threat than the virus itself.  The world right now is facing soaring rates of depression, anxiety & domestic violence. Think about it…. Take a person that has some anger issues or violent tendencies, coop them up in their home for weeks on end, add some financial stress- what do you think will happen? I have a friend facing this exact scenario and I'm scared for her every single day. It is happening and pretending it isn't won't change reality. Additionally, suicide rates are expected to increase as people face the possibility of losing their homes or their financial stability.

Why am I saying all this? Because I am seeing people literally argue over opening versus not opening. I’m seeing messages of hate towards those who are protesting. I’m seeing friendships torn apart and families divided. Why? Because at the end of the day we are scared and this is how we are coping with it. Do I have my personal opinions on all these topics? Oh heck yes I  do,  and at times those opinions are so incredibly strong that I would describe myself as thick-headed.  BUT I do my best to remember Mathew 7:5, even though there are days when that seems like an impossible task. We all have opinions and they are all different. I challenge us to focus on what will bring us together versus dividing us further.

The answer is prayer my friends. We can continue doing what we are doing, or we can turn to God. Matthew 18:20 says “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”
For those of you who believe in the power of prayer I  encourage you to get down on your knees.  We don’t know what Gods will is through all of this and it might be different for each of us. However, I do know is God wants a relationship with each of us and sometimes the good in the situation is that is draws you closer to Him.

We might have some very different opinions around this quarantine; but for those that have read till the end lets agree to dig deep in research to learn truth, be kind to all (including those with opposing views) and PRAY! 


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