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We partnered with Earthley in 2022 and it's been a pleasure working with them since day one! I love that they have products for almost any need your can think of - even home cleaning, kids products and safe items for your furry friends too!

Natural living can be confusing....especially if you’re new to it.

One source says something is THE answer. The next says it’s killing you. How are you supposed to know what’s good, what’s bad, and most importantly, what’s best for you?


Since we have sent so many of our amazing customers to Earthley they have been gracious enough to give me my own 10% off code! If this is your first purchase make sure to use Ali10 at checkout! 
Please note I am affiliate for Earthley. This means every time you order you do need to use my unique link- otherwise Earthley does not know who to give credit to for the sale. All links here are linked to my affiliate account already. If you go to the main Earthley site in the future and want to make sure I get credit for the sale please select my name (Ali Nguyen) in the who referred you dropdown at checkout.  To make life easy you can always access my links here on the Sophia Rae site.  
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